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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will outline what personal data is collected by this website and how it will be used.

Personal data

Personal Data we collect when you sign up to attend our event includes:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Dietary preferences

This information will not be shared with any third parties whatsoever (to the extent permitted by law).

You can cancel your ticket and request that all the associated data be removed by emailing hello@nhsideaslab.com.

This website uses Google Analytics, which provides this website with information about when, how and how often this website is visited. The Google Analytics Privacy Policy can be found here.

Data Storage and Security

Any personal data will be stored in secure servers.

The security of any data during transmission cannot be guaranteed, and all data is transmitted at your own risk.

There are security features in place to secure personal data once it has been received.

When and how you will be contacted

You will only be contacted about information concerning ticketing and information pertaining to the {nhs.ideas.lab} hackathon itself.

By signing up to attend the {nhs.ideas.lab} hackathon and agreeing to this privacy policy you agree to be contacted about future events in the {nhs.ideas.lab} hackathon series. You will not be contacted about any other events delivered by any of the {nhs.ideas.lab} collaborators individually, about events outside the previously specified series, or by any third parties.


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